Storelli BodyShield 3/4 GK Undershirt - Black

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Bodyshield Goal Keeper 3/4 Undershirt
This groundbreaking goalkeeper undershirt incorporates two technologies never before seen in soccer1) Extreme impact protection foam that protects you while conforming tightly to your body; and2) ChesTrap chest pad (patent-pending), designed to help goalkeepers absorb shots that hit their chest, facilitating saves and decreasing rebounds. You need to try it to feel the difference.KEY CHARACTERISTICS:• Protection: High performance polyurethane foam provides extreme protection from impact and abrasion• Ball Control: Groundbreaking ChesTrap chest pad (patentpending) is designed to help you trap hard shots and reduce rebounds.• Flexibility: Optimal pad placement and light materials• Comfort: Premium moisture-wicking compression fabric optimizes comfort and breathability. In addition, advanced anti-microbial foam treatment reduces the risk of bad odor and infections
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