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Storelli brings you one of the most unique 3/4 GK pants the market has seen in a very long time. They not only look and feel great, but also incorporate some brilliant details that make them stand out. You will be proud to wear them on and off the field. The new generation goalie 3/4 pants has arrived!KEY CHARACTERISTICS:• Fit: Unlike most Storelli products, these 3/4 Pants are NOT worn as undergear, but rather on the OUTSIDE like normal goalie pants. The only difference is that they have a typically European "slim fit" that makes them elegant and comfortable.As you can tell by the pad design, the 3/4 GK Pants come from the same product family as the GK shorts and incorporates the Storelli V-Flex Padding Technology, where the pad design maximizes your range of motion while still affording you heavy-duty protection.• Protection:Thigh protection- first off, there is a heavy duty yet light thigh pad made of 6mm custom-gradient molded EVA foam.This provides your thighs with extreme impact protection from the most rugged fields, and much more protection than the classic pants that incorporate the traditional "soft" foam.Knee guards- I addition to the thigh protection these 3/4 pants have 2 HIDDEN kneepads that use 5mm Poron XRDpolyurethane foam.Couple of things to note:a) The pads are hidden. Why? Pants with knee pads are generally ugly, and Storelli wants you to feel good AND look good. So they hide the knee pads to make the pants look much more stealth and aggressiveb) The foam is extremely protective. So - no more scratched up knees when sliding!c) The hidden knee pads are kept in place by an elastic band, that has silicon on the inside to make sure it actually stays in place. You just wear the pants like you would wear a normal pair of pants, and the knee pads lock in place and stay in place comfortably. Brilliant!• Breathability: Despite the fact that tough material is used, the pants are very lightweight and breathable due to strategically placed mesh material,allowing for air circulation and keeping you cool.Overall, this is a beautiful piece of gear for advanced goalies that love to dive and push the limits all year around
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