Storelli ExoSheild Head Guard - Black

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ExoShield Head Guard
Storelli takes soccer Head Protection to the next level, with this revolutionary HeadGuard.It looks like nothing else out there, but most importantly it provides superior protection compared to other brands.Yet again, Storelli uses a high performance foam to maximize protection and fit. As a matter of fact, it's the same foam that the US Military uses in their helmets. It'sa different foam from what Storelli uses in the rest of their products. Since the head requires different type of protection, Storelli went out to look for the best available materials to fit the needs of a soccer player.No more Velcro or adjustment straps, simply put it on and the material forms to your head.• Fit: Unique padding design and placement that allows the HeadGuard to form around your head, making it unique to each player, maximizing protection and comfort.The HeadGuard is designed to fit both men and women of all ages, with a smart construction that allows a ponytail to fit comfortably.Again - there are no adjustment straps or Velcro, it simply fits and stays in place.• Protection: Storelli doesn't mess around when it comes to protection- it IS what they do. For this product, they developed a custom foam designed to maximize head protection.The headguard incorporates 8 mm of this high-performance foam, providing extreme protection from "Player to Player", "Player to Ball" and "Player to Post" impact.To make things even more interesting, it is the same foam that the US Military uses inside their helmets. Enough said!• Fabric: premium moisture-wicking fabric to optimize comfort and breathability. In addition - it is machine wash friendly!Breathabilty: Storelli understands the concerns about heat and breathability.That is why they use an extremely breathable foam and fabric, in addition to that the foam has been perforated in order to maximize breathability, withoutcompromising protection.• Look- One of the biggest concerns with headgear is the look. Many players are concerned they will look "dorky". Likeevery Storelli product, the Headguard brings to the table a very aggressive, cool, stealth look that will make youfeel proud of wearing it!
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