Southport Soccer Store

Southport is a small rural community located in Fairfield county, Connecticut, U.S.A. A coastal port on Long Island Sound, the former borough is home to Soccer and Rugby’s Southport soccer store.

As of 2015, the community had a population of only 1585 resident community, making for a close-knit group of people. The historic district known as Southport, Connecticut is also home to lush green fields and open parks. Its charming community invites soccer players of all ages to go outside and enjoy what Pele called “the beautiful game.”

Dependable Southport Soccer Store

We believe soccer and rugby unite people. As a sport, the game brings people together. Whether you play the sports gently or rough, in the rain or on a scorching summer day, skins vs. shirts, or scrimmage vests vs. uniforms - it is undeniable that the camaraderie and sportsmanship that develops between allies and rivals is strong.  

The Go To Southport Soccer Apparel Store

Shop a wide variety of soccer gear and rugby gear in our soccer shop. Choose from a plethora of gear, including soccer jerseys, soccer footwear, soccer t-shirts, soccer equipment, and their rugby counterpart which includes rugby balls, rugby cleats, mouthguards, and more. Shop online or in store. Our Southport store carries the soccer and rugby equipment you’re looking for!

Why Choose Our Soccer Store in Southport?

Shop at your local brick and mortar in order to see the products for your own eyes before you buy. When you walk into our Southport soccer store, you’ll be around enthusiasts and fans of your favorite (or rival) soccer and rugby teams. We love the game as much as you do! Shopping in person allows you to get closer to the community. Who knows, you may make a friend - or find out about exclusive events and discounted tickets. Soccer and Rugby staff pride themselves on keeping a pulse on the heartbeat of everything having to do with soccer and rugby. To us, it's more than just a sales transaction - we pride ourselves in leading the community from the vanguard. We have four retail locations for your shopping convenience: four in Connecticut and 1 in New York.

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