Premier Rugby Tape - All Colors

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Premier Rugby Tape offers a flexible, expandable sock tape for professional and amateur rugby players.Used to protect head and ears and provide support for line-out lifts.Premier Rugby Tape won't stain or leave a gummy mess on socks or clothing like other tapes.Premier Rugby Tape has extra long rolls and at 108 feet it is less expensive than other tapes.The product is water-resistant and available in Black & White colors.Premier Rugby Tape is thin and light making it easy to tear.Works great when used in conjuction with our Rugby Multi-Wrap.Premier Rugby Tape helps protect the head and ear during scrums and provides support around the thighs for line-out lifts. It can also help keep socks from bunching around the ankles or sliding down into shoes and can even hold shoe laces in place. Premier Rugby Tape uses a low aggression adhesive which leaves NO ugly residue on your clothing and is easy to remove. Premier Rugby Tape is light and easy to tear. available at soccerandrugby.comPremier Rugby Tape is made of water-resistant, ultra-stretch soft polyvinyl choride (PVC). As your muscle warms and expands during play, Premier Rugby Tape will expand preventing that tightening effect other tapes leave. Premier Rugby Tape gives the flexibility needed to keep your muscles, nerves and blood flow functioning at their best. Premier Rugby Tape is available in 10 colorful choices. Pick your team colors, mix and match or stick with the basics.You will find that Premier Rugby Tape will out-perform electrical tape, colored electric tape, athletic tape, sports tape, adhesive tape, football wrap and is cheaper per foot than these tape choices.With 108 feet per roll, Premier Rugby Tape gives almost twice as many wraps as other tape choices.Colors: White, Black
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